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Is there really a place where the denialists aren’t?

Here’s hoping. And let’s hope that CRU can get back to work soon. We’ll all benefit. Except maybe the denialists, who will have to find something else to misrepresent.

Oh look, Kiwis! Okay, that was quick.

In the meantime, this happened:

“Vast ice sheets across the globe gained up to four inches just hours after it emerged experts at the University of East Anglia had been manipulating data in a bid to knock-off early.

Meanwhile in the Antarctic the 200 square mile Donnelly ice shelf changed direction and headed back towards the continent where it then reattached itself to the slightly larger McPartlin ice shelf.

Climate change sceptic and fully-qualified blogger Martin Bishop said: “As soon as these emails were released the world’s glaciers resumed their normal, icey behaviour, as long-predicted by some of London’s most important journalists.

“This is the smoking iceberg that fires a polar bear of truth between the eyes of hysteria and communism.””

Or maybe not. But The Daily Mash do quote an expert, albeit superfluously, considering they already quoted a fully-qualified blogger.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “While there will always be debate over climate data, it’s important to remember that the state of the world’s icebergs and glaciers remains wholly dependant on which group of tedious, hectoring arseholes is currently winning the argument.”

-The Daily Mash

4 Responses to “CRU email theft perspectives”

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  2. Joe Papp says:

    Interesting. My first visit here.

    All “emotional content”.

    Compare the RATIONAL content of WattsUpWithThat.

    Of course, that’s what being a “radical liberal” is all about.


    (“Fascinating Captain, this society seems to be the inverse of that on Vulcan. I.e., everything they do is base on pure emotions.”)

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